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Training on Non Verbal Communication

Starting July 1st
Ciudad de Buenos Aires,
Trainer: Juan Carlos Peña Guzmán
Modality: Semi-intensive

With this program you’ll develop special skills to interpret and read body language.

Our students will have the possibility to develop their own strategies in order to achieve the best results, interacting assertively with others, with self-confidence and an authentic leadership spirit.

This program is a reunion with our own selves, through the development of body self-consciousness and a greater capacity to observe the environment. It’s addressed at the self-development of more sympathetic, loving and compassionate people, both to others and to themselves.

The three training levels will allow you to develop, based on your self-commitment and determination, sound expertise on Non-Verbal Communication management.

Duration: 150 hours.
It includes two research assignments. All level are passed with oral and written tests.

Debates and tests on microexpressions and subtle expressions (METT / SETT from Paul Ekman Group).

First level training days:

Monday, July 1st
Monday, July 15th
Monday, July 22nd
Monday, July 29th
Monday, August 5th
Monday, August 12th
Monday, August 26th
Monday, September 2nd
Monday, September 9th
Monday, September 16th

Schedule:  7 to 10pm.

No previous experience is required.

First Level - Non Verbal Communication Apprentice

30 hours of attendance and 20 online hours.

  • Short history of Non-Verbal Communication (from Charles Darwin to PhD Paul Ekman).
  • Use and application of Non-Verbal Communication these days.
  • Basic interpretation rules.
  • Theory of the triun brain and its functions.
  • Basic emotions and evolutionary process.
  • Atlas of emotions (special work designed by PhD Paul Ekman and his daughter, PhD Eve Ekman with the special participation of Dalai Lama).
  • Microexpressions and Subtle Expressions (METT & SETT – PhD Paul Ekman).
  • Short introduction to FACS Code (Facial Action Coding System).
  • Introduction to power relations (Hierarchy, dominance, leadership and common codes).
  • The seven subsystems of Non-Verbal Communication.
  • Gestures, attitudes and styles (different types and meanings).
  • Baseline Behavior.
  • Empathy and Compassion.
  • Introduction to detecting deception.
  • Case studies.
Second Level - Non Verbal Communication Apprentice

30 hours of attendance and 20 online hours.

  • Strategies, experiences and answers.
  • Power relations (Hierarchy, dominance, leadership, different styles and strategies).

  • Applied to life partners, family, work and politics.
  • Non-Verbal Communication in life partners and close relationships.
  • Voice management.
  • Seduction (anthropological and psychological approach).
  • Lab of effective response.
  • Detecting microexpressions (focus on speed).
  • Detecting subtle expressions (focus on speed).
  • Smiling (types and functions).
  • Detecting deception by Non-Verbal Communication.
  • Detecting deception by Discourse Analysis (Statement Analysis).
  • Emotions related to lies.
  • Effective questioning techniques.
  • Non-Verbal Communication in Marketing.
  • Analysis of Advertising.
  • Case studies and videos.
  • Non-Verbal Communication applied to the development of skills such as assertiveness, leadership, persuasion and mental sharpness.
  • Research work.
Third Level - Non Verbal Communication Master Analyst

30 hours of attendance and 20 online hours.

  • Narcissistic personalities and dangerous personalities.
  • Modern questioning techniques.
  • Strategies applied to Media Training.
  • The Lie in children.
  • Psychological theory about liars.
  • Anatomic study of the face and insight about FACS related to basic emotions.
  • Gestalt techniques applied to emotions.
  • Complex emotions.
  • Non-Verbal Communication Analysis Matrix.
  • Non-Verbal Communication applied to business, sales, coaching and other professions.
  • Method for drafting reports and studies on Non-Verbal Communication (development, scope, selection and administration of relevant information).
  • Acting techniques applied to Non-Verbal Communication.
  • Technology applied to Non-Verbal Communication.
  • Research work II.
  • Case studies and videos.

Trainer Juan Carlos Peña Guzman, Specilist in Non-Verbal Communication and Detection of Deception, holding a degree from Universidad Austral (Argentina). Counseling for experts on Detecting Deception. Experienced in teaching, selecting and managing teams. Ontological Coach. Trainer. Manager for Spain, Ecuador, Panama and El Salvador of Real Time Sportscast Ltd. Professional Soccer Coach at FIFA, graduated in Rosario, Argentina. General Director at «Ánima Fútbol», a women’s soccer academy. Awarded the title of Best Coach at the Women Pass-goal Tournament (City of Buenos Aires) in 2012 and 2017.

Program certified by: Even Mind Academy and Esin.

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