Stand Out! - Beginners module |

Stand Out! – Beginners module

Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th, Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th
City of Buenos Aires,
Trainer: Ana Laura Brito
Modality: In blocks

Comprehensive Training to Speak to an Audience

A 14-hour innovative program designed to help you develop your expression skills, body-language techniques, use of your voice, oral skills and preparation to speak to an audience.

Are you afraid of standing before an audience? Do you think you’re going to forget everything you meant to say? Do you feel anxiety or nervousness when looking at people? Don’t you know what to do with your body as you speak? Do you have any difficulties with the use of your voice?

Stand Out! is an in-person and practical learning experience that will help you lose your fear to being exposed, optimize your connection with people and have fun as you display your full potential. Set free from obstacles that prevent you from standing out.

You can also become a great communicator!

An innovative program

Neuro-Communication tools
You’ll know the secrets of your audience’s brain and you’ll know how to attract them.

Verbal tools and NLP Techniques
You’ll use language as a bridge connecting rational and emotional drivers for an effective speech.

Gestalt expression techniques
You’ll experience how to be consistent and to involve your paraverbal messages.

Body language
You’ll learn how to catch the audience attention with your standing, gestures and movements. Your body tells the story as well.

Modes of interaction with your audience
You’ll develop a genuine bond with your audience. Communicating is learning how to relate to others.

Vocal and speech resources
You’ll maximize the effect of words uttering them in an attractive fashion. You voice speaks of you.

Personal work on your inner state
You’ll develop your own anchors to transform fear into self-confidence and self-assuredness.

Community of Practices
You’ll be part of an environment to share and practice with partners and trainers.

Public speaking workshop designed for: Teachers, Facilitators, Therapists, Speakers, Salesmen, Students, Communicators, Managers, Entrepreneurs and the General audience.

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