NLP Practitioner Uruguay |

NLP Practitioner Uruguay

September to december 2019
Trainer: Ana Laura Brito and Bera Meroño Meseguer
Modality: In blocks

Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A 120-hour program with the fundamentals, techniques, NLP Classic Code and 3rd Generation NLP.


Diplomas issued by ITA and signed by the co-creator of NLP John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Claire and Michael Carroll.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the practice of coding (as well as decoding) the way that people organize their experience: thinking processes, emotions and language. This internal organization works on an unconscious level and determines the results in the response, translated into our performance and behavior, which at the same time leads to another unconscious pattern, with more or with less effectiveness.

Neurology, language and programming are the three most influential elements in the production of experiences, as the Neurological System regulates physiology; Language determines communication (with the others and with ourselves); and Programming defines our behavior from the model of reality we create internally. NLP, then, studies the key dynamics between body, mind, emotions and conduct.

When these conducts prove to be inefficient, it is necessary to change the structure or internal process holding them, for if we want to change the action solely, most probably the change won’t be held in time. To achieve this, NLP provides a set of tools, techniques and models to replace some processes by others, no matter the context or the characteristics of behavior. That’s why it is said that “NLP works with processes, not with content”.

Then, it is very important to apply it at a personal and/or group level: this system makes the most of any process of communication, change and plan of action to pursue a goal.

NLP takes place every time we want to go from a Present Status to a Desired Status.

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